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Interior Painting & Luxury Vinyl Flooring Portfolio

Introductory to Interior Painting and Flooring

Welcome to our Interior painting and Flooring Portfolio:

  1. Introductory

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Here at Tiger Elite Design Construction we care about our clients.

We work closely with Real estate agents and home owners on a daily basis.

We have come to realise for our home owner clientele many have a similar questions.

What are the thing I can do to my home that will improve it the most for a rentall, resale, or live in, while spending minimal?

  1. Are you currently working with a real estate agent?

  • If YES then what we say is great you said YES:

    • ​this will now make our job a whole lot easier, we will now ask you what your agent has said, if you are going off of your agents advice or not and if not we will suggest to give them the best opportunity to sell their home that taking colour advise and how to stage there home advise is extremely important.​

  • If NO, then we ask them if they would like to be referred over to one as we have many on our files that we can introduce them to.​


     2. Is ​​ your project to be for a rental, a resale, or to live in?​​

  • Many of our clients may want to give there homes the best look, but being able to determine what this look is to be for can help us to better determine what type of projects are needed as well as determine the amount of money that is best to allocate to the project.

  1. ​Resale: If you are looking to resell your home currently​, you should be looking at the following:

    1. Paint Colours: ( neutral or not, current trend or not) we suggest going with neutral colours that will supersede trends to give the best outcome​

    2. Flooring:

      1. Do your have carpets??

      2. Do you have Hardwood??

      3. Do you have outdated kitchen and bathrooms??

  2. Rental Properties​​:

    1. ​The same as a resale​​, every step is the same because in today's markets rentals are now being considered to be able to live in for extended periods of time they are no longer just people building and growing in there life many will never be able to own three own home these days and Landlords will find they can have a better outcome if they are understanding what type of tenant they want.

    2. We will adjust the budget accordingly to what type of tenants the landlord is looking for. This will determine what type of budget you should be looking at.

    3. We will ask what type of material they wish for.

  3. Live-In:​

    1. this opens up the whole field for us.​

    2. we will now work with our client to go over there wishes

      1. if they are looking to change it down the road ​

      2. if they wish to make this there final renovation this will determine what type of budget we may be able to consider to suggest to our home owners.

    3. We love when we can help a family create there dream home with the home that they are currently living in, this is something that gives us pride, to be able to know that a family will enjoy this for a life time to come.​​